Reusable Coffee cups

Reusable Coffee cups

One of the best & easy swaps to better your eco foot print!

Reusable coffee cups!

It’s Monday morning and I’m sure 99.9% of Australians are going to pop into there local and grab a coffee too go!

Something so simple and something we enjoy and so we should we work hard but Did you know that most takeaway coffee cups are not recyclable? WHAT! There paper right?....Now swallow that sip of almond milk latte lest you spray it from your mouth in shock!

Most takeaway coffee cups are lined with a waterproof plastic called polyethylene, not only making them non-recyclable but also a contaminant

50,000 coffee cups go into landfill every 30 minutes.

One of the easiest swaps grab a reusable coffee cup and take that baby with you everywhere! Most coffee shops will even give you a discount

It’s also so much more enjoyable to drink out of you could go for a chic reusable glass cup or a stainless steel one if you like to saver every last sip as it will keep that liquid gold warmer for longer. ☕️ 🙌


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